For over three generations, Body Touch Lingerie has provided this country's most trusted retailers with quality and value. What began as a small shop in New York's Lower East Side in 1921, has transformed into a multi-national wholesaler of ladies sleepwear and loungewear. Currently with offices in New York and Guangzhou, China, Body Touch continues to experience growth even during a turbulent economic market.

Our Team

Body Touch Lingerie LLC

We offer high-quality sleepwear and loungewear at competitive prices with our different brands. Heaven on Earth, Lights Off Nightwear, & Body Touch Lounge. 

About Our Company

Lingerie & sleepwear

What We Offer

President: Moshe Einav

Vice President of Sales of Marketing: Gary Bader

Designer: Kira Jacobson

Director of Operations: Dlemer Miralles

Design & Production Coordinator: Tiffany Vargas

Marketing & Sales Executive: Alyza Einav